Types of reports produced:

  • Freedom To Operate (FTO) for chemistry substructure/Markush searches and due diligence
  • Literature reviews and Literature Research
  • Global Value Dossiers
  • Competitor landscape
  • Scientific Platform
  • Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP) Dossiers

Useful information about horizon scanning:

  • Horizon Scanning Report (Click Here)
  • About the Horizon Scanning Centre (Click Here)
  • Guidance for Pharma: 2016 Horizon scanning for cancer drugs and non cancer (Click Here)
  • The Horizon scanning centre will continue to inform NICE of both cancer (monthly) and non-cancer topics (weekly)
  • The Cancer Drug Fund has been incorporated into NICE so there is one less step in the decision making process
  • Each month NICE are sent a table with the details of cancer topics which are anticipated to be licensed in the next 2-3 years and a briefing meeting scheduled

More information about the Cancer Drug Fund process, Early Access Programme and Horizon scanning or ‘how to get a HTA’  is available – please email me at



“Freedom to operate across the landscape.”